Lakers Gaming Finalizes 2022 Roster

Lakers Gaming, the official NBA 2K League team of the Los Angeles Lakers, has selected Latrell “GreenTooNice” Roberson with the 45th pick in the 2022 NBA 2K League Draft, thus finalizing the team’s roster of five players for the 2022 NBA 2K League season.

Just prior to the start of the draft, Lakers Gaming agreed to trade their second-round pick (23rd overall) in this year’s NBA 2K League Draft as well as their second-round pick in the 2023 draft to Raptors Uprising GC in exchange for the 45th overall pick in this year’s draft and the team’s 2023 first-round pick.

“GreenTooNice” joins Reginald “Regg” Nash Jr. as the two newcomers to the 2022 Lakers Gaming squad as they will play alongside returning players Maurice “ReeseDaGod” Delaney, Arshia “Krazy” Karimi and Wady “Tactuk” Tactuk for the upcoming NBA 2K League season. The team will be led by first-year head coach, Brian “Nacho” Traynor.

“We are thrilled to add GreenTooNice to pair with the rest of our extremely talented roster,” said Lakers Gaming General Manager Mathew Makovec. “We believe he will complement our current roster extremely well while also bringing unique and vital skills to our team. I’m excited for him to get to work with Coach Nacho and the rest of the squad.”

The 2022 NBA 2K League draft pool consisted of 145 players. In addition to unretained players from last season, the draft pool also included top performing players who earned draft eligibility as part of the “NBA 2K League Draft Prospect Series,” Sony Scouting Grounds tournaments, the NBA 2K League’s Women in Gaming initiative, the NBA 2K League’s APAC and European Invitationals, or by being identified by the NBA 2K League and its teams based on their play in the 2K community.

Find round-by-round results from the 2022 NBA 2K League Draft on the league site.