Lakers Gaming Acquires Vert from Warriors Gaming Squad

Lakers Gaming has acquired forward Vert from the Warriors Gaming Squad in exchange for the No. 10 overall pick in the upcoming NBA 2k Draft. Vert bring us two-way play as well as a year of league experience. Vert’s scoring punch is going to add another dimension to our offense.

Check out Vert’s Twitch, Twitter, and player profile.

Vert Interview

Type of player he is:

Vert: “If you watch me you’ll see someone that’s really aggressive with the ball. I’m probably one of the best playmakers off the point guard position. I have really good vision, so when someone tries to blitz I always dot them. My defense is really, really high compared to others. I’m good at knowing how far I can go to help and get back so it makes the point guard think a lot more. I’m that person you can go to in the clutch and will get you the bucket you need and I’m never afraid to take it.”

On the personality they want Lakers Gaming to have:

Vert: “Personality wise, teams are going to hate us. The way we are, once we get up they’re going to hear it from us.”

On what Lakers Gaming means to him:

Vert: “A winning culture. I’ve grown up watching a winning culture my entire life with the Lakers, and with the two other plays on the team, definitely some type of winning culture coming in.”