Lakers Gaming Drafts Three Players To Fill 2020 Roster

EL SEGUNDO – Lakers Gaming today announced three draft selections that were taken in the 2020 NBA 2K League Draft. With the seventh overall pick in the first round, Lakers Gaming selected point guard Sten “SAV” Valge-Saar. Later in the draft, Lakers Gaming selected small forward Wady “Tactuk” Tactuk with the 24th overall pick in the second round and shooting guard Antonio “Dweq” Valladares with the 44th overall pick in the third round.

“We are excited to add these three extremely talented players to our roster,” said Lakers Gaming General Manager Mathew Makovec. “We were able to select three players that complement our current roster of Mootyy, Kev and Vert while also bringing unique and vital skills to our team heading into our second season in the league.”

“We couldn’t be happier with the additions of SAV, Tactuk and Dweq to our team,” said Lakers Gaming Head Coach Kris Dellarciprete. “They each bring something fresh to the table and I’m looking forward to coaching this team and seeing what we can do this year.”

The 229 draft-eligible players consisted of 147 new players who were selected by the league through the NBA 2K League Combine, 22 players from the 11 team-hosted Pro-Am tournaments, five players from the league’s first European Invitational, five players from the league’s second Asia-Pacific (APAC) Invitational, and 50 unretained players from the 2019 season.